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Have you heard of XKCD? They are cool programming comics and have a REST API for them! In the XKCD API Challenge we will build a bit more complex UI, with more options for the user than before.

We will cover different scenarios of requests - e.g. request a comic by ID, a random one, next, previous, first and last one existing, - all of that with the help of API calls!

The more you have little parts in the application, the more you need to consider while building the interface and the logic behind it. This is a bit of a step-up comparing to the previous challenges, but nothing we cannot manage together.

What will you build?

preview of the project's end result


Check the hints below when you feel stuck, it might be covered here! If what you're struggling with isn't covered, try to first go through the links in the useful resources section right above this one and search for an answer there. If no luck there as well - try researching on your own, or check the end result files or the YouTube video.

If you're facing an issue with registering event listeners, e.g. they aren't being called or you're getting an error, check out the first link about binding and "this".

In this challenge it's important to keep in my mind the limitations of the data the API serves. When working with getting a random, next or previous comics you'd need to consider the "limits" of those numbers.

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