The Ultimate API Challenge

Looking for cool api projects ideas for beginners? Want to build your portfolio as a Web Developer and learn how to work with APIs? Well, search no more!

The Ultimate API Challenge is the perfect place to work with a variety of tech stack, of ways to communicate with APIs as well as create projects to include in your portfolio

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A few words

Hi, I’m Daniela 👋! I’m a semi self-taught semi bootcamp graduate web developer and I know how it feels to start to learn how to code.

I started my coding journey in 2017, after deciding to pivot my career from architecture to web development, went through some online courses and then applied for a bootcamp, of which I dropped out after half a year, because I was ready to find a job, which I successfully did. How, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, by having projects on my portfolio.

After figuring out that this was the thing that boosted my profile, I then gave that advice to friends, to acquaintances and to complete strangers online and you know what? It has always helped. Surely it’s not the one and only golden ticket, but it is a very important point.

So I decided why not share it with the whole world and make something fun out of it? This is how I came up with the idea of having many different projects built with a variety of changing tech stack.

But why APIs? In my experience, web development is heavily based on working with APIs. Because, what are even websites? Simply put, they are pages that display information. But where does this information come from? And how? How can I get it? Can anyone get it? How can I send it something back? How how how?

Interestingly enough, I found that the majority of online courses (and I’d dare to assume bootcamps too) aren’t covering this topic much, if at all, which is a big miss while learning how to code and becoming a web developer. Plus, APIs can be so different and a loooot of fun!

By taking the first part of the idea - many projects, different tech stack and combining it with the second one - working with APIs, this combination created The Ultimate API Challenge, so that we can normalise being challenged by coding, have a big selection of projects to build together and by the end of every challenge have a project to put on your web development portfolio!

I hope this project will bring you to a more comfortable place when it comes to web development, APIs and creating a portfolio. My DMs are always open if you have anything you want to talk about, suggest or request, I'll gladly hear it out. Good luck! 🙌

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