Wikipedia API

Wikipedia API

JavaScript ES6

We all have heard about Wikipedia and used it multiple times, right? Then why not create a search page for Wikipedia articles? Their API documentation is quite complex, but we will manage!

The Wikipedia API Challenge is built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6) and uses Axios to communicate with the REST API. We will also use async/await and use the try...catch statement

What will you build?

preview of the project's end result


Check the hints below when you feel stuck, it might be covered here! If what you're struggling with isn't covered, try to first go through the links in the useful resources section right above this one and search for an answer there. If no luck there as well - try researching on your own, or check the end result files or the YouTube video.

If you're facing a CORS issue, include origin: '*' in your params (URL)

Not sure about the Params in the URL? Check link #4 in the "Links" section above, or in the next hint see how URLs are being mentioned in their docs (usually at the bottom of a section), oooor play with the Wikipedia Sandbox - Link #5

Struggling to start with the docs? Define your action as query in the params URL. Continue with these docs

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