Lyrics API

Lyrics API


Remember when music tracks used to have lyrics and we used to search for them? Let's build an interface for that! We will build our own "search engine" dedicated only to lyrics.

In the Lyrics API Challenge we will use jQuery and its $.AJAX method for communicating with the REST API, work on separation of concerns, making our code more clean and animate some UI elements according to the application's state.

What will you build?

preview of the project's end result

Useful resources

Below is a list of reading material which can assist you during this challenge. The resources usually include official documentation, useful blog posts, basically anything that can be of a use

  1. jQuery
  2. jQuery AJAX
  3. Template Literals
  4. Clean Code Summary


Check the hints below when you feel stuck, it might be covered here! If what you're struggling with isn't covered, try to first go through the links in the useful resources section right above this one and search for an answer there. If no luck there as well - try researching on your own, or check the end result files or the YouTube video.

To create the request that makes a generic search for songs and artists (Step 2 in script.js) you'll need to call the following GET endpoint:, where :query is the searched value.

To find the artist and song name the user wants to get the lyrics of (when they click on the item list or the button in the item list), work with attaching dataset attributes to the html tag which displays this information and access it through the event of the click.

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